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Design your own NeuroSky Necomimi Ears! Rirukuo shows you how!


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Necomimis on "thedoctorstv"

A whole audience wearing Necomimi cat ears in an episode of "thedoctorstv"!
How fun and crazy is this?



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Necomimi Brain Wave Ears

Blogger @LinerNotes writes about his experience with the Necomimi Cat Ears. Read his blog post and find a picture with him and Stanley Yang, CEO of Neurosky, wearing a pair of "Bat Ears".


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"Cat Day" in Japan

Every year on February 22nd Japan celebrates "Cat Day". You have never heard of it before? Learn more about Cat Day in this BBC News article.


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Carnival is coming up


Be the eyecatcher on carnival with the Necomimi devil horns!

Sensors on the forehead and the earlobe measure your brain activity (EEG data) and translate it into attention or relaxation. The devil horns will move according to these measurements.

Try it – let the Necomimi excite you!

Of course we also offer other styles for the Necomimi in our shop. Take a look!

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Worn to be wild


Necomimi cat ears in the "Worn to be wild: the weirder side of wearables" article by Andrew Williams.

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Necomimi Cat Ears Review

The Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears have been tested for you on the show "Before You Buy". Watch the youtube video below and form your own opinion about these funny ears.


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Necomimi Christmas special

Christmas offer: FREE SHIPPING NOW!!!
Within the EU until  22nd DEC 2015


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Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears Teardown

Check out adafruit's teardown of the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears and see what's inside.


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The current world of wearable technology


An interesting article about the current world of wearable technology. Did you catch Necomimi?

Here's a little snippet:

"..We’ve all followed Google’s adventure with the Google Glass, and its subsequent and abrupt stop to device development. We have read about Facebook buying Oculus Rift and recently seen the first steps into powerful augmented reality with Microsoft’s HoloLens too. The latter has so many obvious contextual retail opportunities, including live data feeds and reviews, product detail, dynamic messaging and personalisation. On the more adventurous side, Necomimi ears – headsets with ears that move and react to a wearer’s mood – and the recently launched Project Brainflight, has even showed us that a drone could be controlled by the power of the brain..."



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